Welink with kindness

Welink was born from the idea of connecting and sharing kindness between all living beings.

Our birth country Colombia, like all societies of the world, has a problem with lack of compassion and responsibility toward animals. So, we decided to join hands with anyone who's trying to change this situation and spread love :-)

All our sales donate to a spay and neuter program and help provide medical care for homeless dogs, cats, and any other animals, as well as food and other much-needed supplies.

These amazing foundations have managed, with close to zero resources, to save countless homeless pets and provide medical care, love, shelter, dignity, and a future to so many beautiful animals.

At these foundations, all animals are up for adoption, but those who don't find their families, will always have a forever safe, loving home at these foundations.

Their work has already touched the hearts of everyone that volunteers and visits the rescued animals every day.

Let's help these humans continue their amazing mission of teaching compassion and kindness.

Welink continues to contribute our resources to these wonderful foundations and with your help, we know we can make an even bigger difference.

Please donate or support any other animal rights or rescue organization that speaks to your heart :-)

Animal foundations we have donated to:

@poramorarocky1, @colitascallejerasbq, @anawa.project, @santuarioanimalamigni